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Self Centring Vise: CVR Series

CVR Vise System

Self Centring Vise: CVR Series

  1. Self Carting Precision Vise is suitable for 4 and 5 Axis CNC Rotary Table usage, either in horizontal pr vertical machining.
  2. Vise precision of its center repetition position is ±0.01mm.
  3. Using high quality alloy steel, slipway has high frequence heat greatness at HRC 45° or more to keep the accuracy and its long use life.
  4. Vise hard jaw material is full steel and heat greatness at HRC 55 ° or more, owing to its good design to use both sides of jaw since it is exchangeable.
  5. Special design for the Self Centering Precision Vise to prevent work piece from bending during clamping and machining. Thus, it has the best solution in clamping the work piece

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