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How to use CHUMPOWER drill chuck and common problems

2021 / 09 / 24

CHUMPOWER Industry was founded in 1981. It has 40 years of rich manufacturing technology in the field of drill chuck,
The products are of good quality and complete styles, meeting various processing needs, and are the best choice for machine tools and hand tools.
CHUMPOWER drill chucks are mainly classified into self-tightening drill chuck, With keyhole drill chuckTwo ways to use.
Let us briefly explain the usage and common problems of these two drill chucks!

How to use 

It is recommended to wear gloves on both hands before use, after the drill chuck with anti-rust oil is taken out,
You can add a little anti-rust oil to protect and increase the smooth use of the product;
If the drill chuck is not oiled, you can wipe the appearance with non-woven cloth or wiping paper,
And maintain the environment of the use space clean, reduce dust and dirt contamination on the drill chuck,
As a result, when the drill chuck is not in use, too much foreign matter accumulates, causing problems in re-use.

When using a self-tightening drill chuck, you can directly rotate it by hand to confirm the tightness of the three jaws,
When the vertebral end is fitted with a spindle or chuck shank and inserted into the drill chuck, please use appropriate force to tap to avoid getting stuck and unable to disassemble.
While the bottom holds the tool end, please use a suitable self-tightening drill chuck to hold the tool used,
Be sure to insert the tool into the bottom of the three jaws or more than 2/3 of the depth so that the drill chuck can effectively hold the tool,
Avoid the possibility of front cover rupture. The drill chuck can only rotate forward and cannot be reversed during processing.

A customer reported a product quality problem, and later found that it was because the chuck was stuck, the push rod was damaged, and the three jaws could not be opened and closed smoothly.
In order to continue to use the product, abnormal external force was used to loosen, destroy and burn,
As a result, the product is damaged and the service life of the product is shortened.
In addition, in the use of the drill chuck, do not only use the same tool for a long time,
On the contrary, it will reduce the service life of the drill chuck.

When using a keyhole drill chuck, please try to tighten the titanium-plated three-jaw with a key first, < br /> After confirming that the three claws can be tightly sealed, you can start to install and use it. Please use the key provided by our company.
And store the key after use to facilitate disassembly and use in the future.

If you encounter any abnormalities during use, please stop the machine first,
And loosen the shank first, and pad the anti-collision cloth under it to prevent the drill chuck itself from being damaged after it is removed.


Q / The drill chuck is stuck during operation and stops working. If there is no tool at hand, can it be removed/removed directly?
A / This is easy to cause damage to the drill chuck. It is recommended to use a mallet and a soft iron rod to remove it, and wear gloves.
Avoid hand stains that affect the appearance and functionality of the product, and send it for repair immediately, and it can be used again after repair.

Q / Why can't the three jaws of the drill chuck open and close smoothly?
A / Before use, check the usage of the parts in this part. If this happens after use,
It is recommended to use tools to disassemble the product first, and try to match the key or hand rotation method (please follow the matching method),
Slower strength and speed are better, so if you cannot open and close the claws smoothly, please send it for repair immediately before continuing to use it.

Q / Use a drill chuck to hold the tap, so the three jaws cannot be used tightly after the product has been used for a long time?
A / In principle, taps have different shank diameters and square holes, which are mainly used to fix the grip of the upper and lower sides.
It should be matched with tapping chuck , (extended reading: tapping Chuck usage and common problems)
However, the drill chuck only has three claws to support it, so it is not suitable for use with taps.

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