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CHUMPOWER tapping chuck with high versatility, usage and common problems

2021 / 09 / 24

How to use

CHUMPOWER Tapping Chuck matches different international standards, mainly torsion type tapping chuck and rigid tapping chuck .
There are springs and shrapnel in the torque type to prevent overloading of the tool and tapping chuck, which has a protective effect;
Rigidity is more used in traditional tapping machine tools, but not to save costs,
Or there are other considerations, so that these two tapping chucks can be used interchangeably,
First, it will damage the tapping chuck itself, and second, it will also cause a sudden increase in machine loss.

It is recommended to purchase an additional adapter, not only can it be easily converted to different machines,
It is also easy to quickly change and save tool costs, which is a way to kill two birds with one stone.


Q / "Torque Type Tapping Chuck" and "rigid tapping chuck be universal?
A / It is not recommended in principle. The torque type tapping chuck has a buffer function, which can protect the chuck, tool and even the tapping tool holder.
The rigid tapping chuck only has the convenience of clamping the tool for tapping and releasing the tool for retracting the tool, and the two are not suitable for alternate use.

Q / If the torque values of the tapping chucks are the same, can they be used in common?
A / Basically yes, the same torque value can clamp the tool to the same degree,
But in principle, the torsion-type tapping chuck and the rigid tapping chuck cannot be used universally.

Q / How to set the tapping depth?
A / This part belongs to the machine setting. It depends on the customer's plate thickness and conditions. Basically, it is recommended to follow the customer's own method.

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